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03 Juli 2013:
hart_0.4.5 released!

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Module structure

The HART toolbox is implemented as a modular system. Thus new modules can be easily installed by copying the module content in a new folder to the module directory. Not used modules can be easily removed by deleting the module folder.

Each Module has the following structure:

- configure.sce
- readme
- ./demos
- ./macros
---- macro-file1.sce
---- macro-file2.sce
---- ...
- ./src
---- ./c
-------- source-file1.c
-------- source-file2.c
---- ./c_RTAI
-------- source-file1.c (link to ../c/source-file1.c)
-------- source-file2.c (link to ../c/source-file2.c)
- ./help
---- ./dtd
---- ./en_US_scilab4
------- helpfile1.xml
------- helpfile2.xml
---- ./en_US
------- helpfile1.xml


This script configures the module. It is called from the builder.sce from the root dir of the HART-Toolbox. The Name and the Title of the Module has to modified:
TOOLBOX_NAME = 'module_name';
TOOLBOX_TITLE = 'module_name module for Hart Toolbox';
Inside this script the names of the c-functions are definded and the c-files which should be build to a shared library:
buildable='yes'; //no special library needed
names = [ 'rt_func1';'rt_func1';' ];
files =["source-file1.o";"source-file2.o";];
If a external library is needed, it can be add by:
ldflags = " -lspezial_lib";


This is the place for all interface funktions. Each Block in the scicos palette is defined by one sci-file.


Here the source-code file should be placed. The files can be written in C or in C++. Each block is linked to one file.


Make a link to each source-file that should be used to generate a RTAI-programm. (ln -s ../c/source_file.c .)


Here help-files for scilab5 can be placed.


Here help-files for scilab4 can be placed.