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11 Juni 2014:
hart_0.4.6 released!

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Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.


Scicos is a graphical dynamical system modeler and simulator toolbox included in Scilab.


The RealTime Application Interface for Linux - which lets you write applications with strict timing constraints for your favourite operating system


Comedi is a collection of drivers for a variety of common data acquisition plug-in boards.




General Information

The HART (Hardware Access in Real-Time) Toolbox can be used to generate Scicos-blocks for hardware that have a C/C++ interface. The blocks can be used under Linux for soft and hard real time tasks (RTAI). Blocks are provided for DAQ (COMEDI)



Installation manual is updated for the kernel 3.8.13 for ubuntu 12.04/14.04 with and without comedi support!

Several bugs within the manual are corrected now!

It is important to add -o to your rtai executable in order get a good realtime! The default setting uses the periodic mode. The hard timer will run in oneshot mode when using the "-o" options, which works better for same systems and slow sampling rates (<10kHz).




Unpack the archive file and generate a link to the contrib dir of scilab:

tar xvzf hart_0.4.6.tar.gz

cd {...}/scilab-{...}/contrib

ln -s {...}/hart_0.4.6 .

(svn -version)

The trunk version works with scilab-5.5.0, but is actually in a beta state and there may be bugs.
svn co svn:// hart
cd {...}/scilab-{...}/contrib
ln -s {...}/hart
Compile the toolbox: Warning (only important if you are using RTAI): sudo make will not install the RTAI module! Either be a normal user and install HART or change to root (using sudo su) and then do make.

cd hart_...

Edit the Makefile and change "SCILAB = scilab", if needed.


Now the hart toolbox can be loaded by clicking on the menu entry "toolboxes" / "hart_0.4.6" in scilab.

If RTAI is installed on the PC, xcos-Diagrams can be compiled to standalone realtime programs. Take a look at the RTAI-sites.